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Cameroon Date of entry: 2012 Kimberley PRocess Rough Diamond Statistics; Communities and Small Scale Mining (CASM) Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) EC

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Unit of Promotion and Monitoring of Mining, Industrial and Technological The Head of State signed the instrument whereby Cameroon adhered to the Kimberly Process;

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The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is the process established in 2000 to prevent "conflict diamonds" from entering the mainstream rough diamond market

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Kimberley process Cameroon Ministry of Mines and Technological The UN initiated, in January 2003, the Kimberly Process KP. Since then, 76 countries, representing 99

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(Business in Cameroon) During an audience with the Minister of Mining, meeting during which he led the experts of the International Kimberly Process Committee


NATIONAL PERMANENT SECRETARIAT FOR THE KIMBERLEY PROCESS is Cameroon authorized in the very rich mining region of the East Region of Cameroon from 24th

Cameroon involved in Central African MINING

Cameroon involved in Central African 'conflict diamonds' trade — report. are "self-declared" as originating in Cameroon and Kimberley Process Follow @mining.

Artisanal Mining, A Challenge To The Kimberly Process

By Leocadia Bongben. CameroonPostline — A study conducted in the Kadey Division of the East Region indicates that artisanal mining is a challenge to the

Kimberley Process experts investigate Central African

The Kimberly Process evaluation mission in Cameroon, led by Congolese Maurice Miema, has been visiting the Eastern Cameroon mining region since 7

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Diamond mining in South africa. Home This is how and why people use the region for diamond mining in Kimberley, The process that Kimberly currently uses to

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Kimberley is the capital and largest city of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. It is located approximately 110 km east of the confluence of the Vaal and Orange Rivers.

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Global Witness first exposed the problem of blood diamonds in 1998 and played a key role in establishing the Kimberley Process (KP), a government-led certification scheme, initiated in a bid to clean up the diamond trade.

The Kimberley Process is Not Enough

the Kimberley Process was designed to help prevent conflicts, the need for it continues. But the Kimberley Process wasn’t designed to work to improve the root causes of instability in the cha-otic artisanal diamond mining sector, a sector that is vulnerable to economic predators, prone to violence, and difficult to regulate. To address this underlying challenge, the jewelry industry

EU engagement in the Kimberley Process: A pledge to more

EU engagement in the Kimberley Process: A pledge to more sustainable livelihoods of mining communities Through the Chairmanship this year and a number of projects on the ground the EU is working to prevent the trade in conflict diamonds and improve mining communities’ livelihoods.

Diamond council to strengthen Kimberley Process Mining

The AGM will be hosted by the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) and focus on pushing for the reform of the Kimberley Process (KP) and the WDC system of

Kimberley Process Warns of Fake Certificate from Cameroon

The United Arab Emirates received a shipment from Cameroon, which was declared to the UAE Customs. Upon inspection they noticed that the KP Certificate accompanying the shipment was fake.

New study on Artisanal Mining, a Challenge to the

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme which seeks to monitor international diamond trade to make sure conflict diamonds do not enter the official circuit can be a glimmer of hope for artisanal diamond miners if all recommendations are properly implemented.

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27/03/2012· The Kimberley Process has warned the public regarding fake Kimberley Process certificates being circulated from Cameroon, which is not even a member country. The Kimberley Process stated that it is aware of a number of recent incidents

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Can Houphouet's jeweller put the shine back on Ivorian diamonds? Transactysglasol's brand new permit to mine diamonds in the north of Ivory Coast on a semi-industrial and industrial scale (AMI 405), the first awarded since the 1970s, marks the first step towards the arduous revival of the sector.

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